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The wisdom of Building Advisory services:

Traditional intelligent building in the Internet, Internet +, networking, and Cloud Applications of continuous innovation and into, intelligent building management system and the control system has gradually formed intelligence model, a variety of new products and system function more sophisticated and user-friendly, especially according to the project demand customized and customized demand is the actual needs of customers, often contain many of the wisdom of the management elements in which, seemingly simple, but implementation is complex, so integrators to provide solutions to have more wisdom to meet the user's needs.

We not only provide the customization of the wisdom of building solutions, but also provide industry intelligence solution this kind of solution is often has a special professional and industry innovation, in consultation with the course of design through active guidance, make the content of intelligent building design to ascend to the wisdom of building design.

We provide a series of intelligent buildings and industry solutions:

Air purification solutions

Energy management solutions

Data Center Solutions

Traffic statistics solution

Emergency command solution

Smart parking solutions

Smart Hotel Solutions

The wisdom of Home Furnishing solutions

High-end apartment solutions

The high-end villa solutions

City complex solution

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