Environmentally friendly products

Environmentally friendly products

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1、The working principle of air purification:

2、Equipment Composition:

3、Air purification:

4, the main function:

First functions: filtration and purification of Purification

The purification efficiency of up to 92% (PM 2.5)

Second functions: sterilization Disinfection

The sterilization rate of more than 90%.

Third features: the removal of harmful gases

The removal of carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, hydrocarbons, oxygen and lead compounds,

Nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and various organic compounds VOCs gas pollutants

Fourth function: intelligent monitoring

Intelligent health tips, cleaning, fault alarm, high temperature power, avoid fire hazard

5、Product series:

      A、Photolysis products

B、Catalyst series

C、Electronic Series

D、Unit series

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