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1.1 customs intelligent monitoring system

Customs Intelligent Inspection System

Bayonet customs intelligent system is referred to the customs of various types of bayonet construction. Through the customs bayonet network and control system composition, is an important part of customs logistics monitoring system, including the automatic vehicle license plate recognition, container number recognition, RFID electronic tag reader, barrier system, electronic loadometer weighing, sound and light alarm, LCD / LED display screen, electronic railings and other advanced technology, vehicle, the network management of goods, risk analysis.

1.2 X machine

The X-ray Machine

X-ray machine by X-ray transmission imaging principle of goods inspection of multi energy X-ray inspection equipment, with advanced material recognition function, can according to check the effective atomic number, distinguish organic matter, inorganic matter and mixture (or light metal), and on the image to assign a different color, and helps to the operator of the image of identification and judgment. At the same time also has the explosive and drug auxiliary detection and alarm function.

The X ray inspection system features:

The image is more clear;

The low leakage radiation dose rate;

According to the explosive and drug material composition characteristics of automatic detection and alarm;

The dangerous goods image insertion function (TIP function), convenient image recognition ability training and assessment;

A support image amplification region were selected at random, with progressively enlarged, continuous amplification, local amplification etc. various zoom mode, combined with the function of navigation map, the image zooming operation more convenient and more efficient;

The support of special image format conversion, converted to JPG, BMP, GIF and other common image format; also support the image transfer to the USB storage device.

According to the principle of human engineering design special keyboard, image display and man-machine interface, effectively improve the usability of equipment;

By modular design, and provides the key components of the X-ray source and detector array, special keyboard test and diagnosis function, make the equipment fault diagnosis and maintenance can be more accurate and efficient.

1.3 weighing instrument

Weighing Apparatus

The weighing instrument is mainly composed of sensors, a scale frame, weighing display controller of three parts. It can realize the automatic control of intelligent charging, charging time, battery lasts a long time or the number of car detection. Can use the car power supply and charging (lighter). The detection instrument can work independently, and can upload to the computer test data. Can also be used for high speed micro ribbon printer (non thermal printer), print time, date, number, ticket number, axle load, axle group weight, total weight, the limit values of and monitoring units data.

H986 system including: system running inspection, accelerator and detector system, image acquisition transmission system, control system, transmission system and other. Engineering h986 customs, is referred to as the construction of large container inspection equipment and its supporting system, to radiation imaging technology as the core, set electronic technology, computer technology, information processing technology, control technology, precision machinery technology in one of the major technical equipment. This system is suitable for rapid inspection of freight containers, the use of technological means, through optical scanning on the import and export goods container X, the actual goods and declaration of compliance perspective.

1.4 monitoring system

The Monitoring System

To monitoring and control system is mainly reflected in the video surveillance, customs internal network by authorized users can be on the network real-time viewing field image and call the relevant video. By way of sound and light signal, image signal, the electronic map and so on that duty personnel alarm processing, real-time supervision. The system is equipped with automatic function, can automatically track and lock the target, the automatic generation of event reporting records, automatically triggering the alarm location of video image and automatic video. Also use wide area intelligent video analysis technology, infrared on the radio alarm technology and meet the reliable long distance fence perimeter guard, had a picture of a real realistic Hong Kong District, three-dimensional map, real-time display various mobile targets, node monitoring and alarm position and state of the sector, with rich matrix switching, camera control, digital video playback function, by setting the linkage, is on duty personnel provides global, unity, convenient security management means, truly perfect combination of civil air defence and safety.

1.5 command system

The Command System

The complex system of communication, command system, command and control information in one, through the intelligent electronic information technology, computer technology, image technology, modern network, electronic map, touch screen, broadcast audio, centralized control and command plan integration of multiple technologies, combined with closed-circuit monitoring, access control, conference broadcast system, follow Technical Specifications issued by the customs integration, the subsystems of independent functions are integrated together, not only to achieve video surveillance and monitoring equipment configuration in the traditional sense, but also through the analysis of data mining, information sharing, to facilitate unified command scheduling, an efficient command management system.

1.6 inspection station

Inspection Platform

Inspection station server software running on the system structure of the front end of the PC machine and directly connected with the instrument, instrument monitoring at the same time processing data server of the database data, and in response to client remote management software, is monitoring the temperature measurement system is the most important link. To achieve real-time temperature monitoring, automatic alarm output, temperature measurement attribute setting, alarm log view, real-time video and other functions.

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