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The scientific development of the customs, is not only a process of scientific management ideas, management system gradually develop, but also the scientific management innovation process. Relying on science and technology as the work of the customs, we must further play a basic, guiding role, for the realization of modernization construction of Customs goal escort.

"Scientific" to promote the development of the cause

Since the reform and opening up, one of the basic experience of the cause of making continuous development is to stick to the "scientific" way. In the case of Shanghai customs declaration, 1978 by manual operation, the goods, articles and means of transport into or out of the examination, using a flashlight, a screwdriver, a small rake, mirror very simple tools. 1983 fully closed area only computer 4. That year to build on telephone line as the transmission medium of data transmission system, connection rate is not to make. Starting from almost zero starting point, Shanghai Customs always adhere to the work of science and technology, especially information construction put in the strategic position of priority development, the productive forces of science and technology to fully integrate the reform of the customs service, internal management and port clearance and construction, and plays a more and more important role.

(a) faster: Science and technology lead the customs operations into the high-speed era. In October 2004, Shanghai Customs and the Shanghai municipal government signed a memorandum of cooperation, officially launched the Shanghai Electronic Port, the use of modern information technology, city business commission, customs, inspection and quarantine, industry and commerce, taxation, foreign exchange, transportation and other departments of the import and export business information flow, funds flow and goods flow electronic record data and store in a public data center, to achieve cross sectoral and cross sectoral data verification, and to provide "one-stop" customs clearance logistics information service for the user.

(two) more accurately: technology leading the accurate and efficient customs supervision. 1981, Shanghai customs began to import X ray scan electronic equipment in the immigration field. In 1988, independent development of X ray detector. In 2000, the Shanghai Customs in Waigaoqiao port area, Wusong customs installed h986 container inspection system; in 2001, the first cargo container inspection system was put into operation in Pudong International Airport; followed by successively in Waigaoqiao port, Yangshan, add h986 system. Using high quality images without dead angle X - ray security inspection equipment provided by the efficiency of supervision has been further strengthened. In 2002, Shanghai Customs seized hiding in the import container in 3334.6 kilograms of ivory, this is since the founding of the Customs at the port seized the biggest Ivory smuggling case. With the port of entry and exit of passengers increased significantly, Shanghai customs also introduced closed-circuit television monitoring system to ease the pressure of on-site supervision and improve work efficiency. In addition, in order to further strengthen the supervision of the import and export of goods, and gradually establish Shanghai customs logistics monitoring system matched with customs clearance system.

(three) cheaper: standardization technology to lead the administrative law enforcement. In recent years, the customs system has developed H883, H2000 system and convert the customs policies and regulations and management measures and business rules systems programs, data and parameters, with professional technical system and information platform based on build three-dimensional data network, effectively unify and standardize customs enforcement. In 2004, Shanghai Customs of self-developed application "customs law enforcement corruption risk early warning management system", by docking with the business system automatic generation of source data, parameter settings automatically prompted the risk, monitor the whole process of the specific behavior of law enforcement officers at the grassroots level. In addition to the law enforcement system, the customs also applied for customs portal, the national customs opened 12360 telephone consultation, deepening of public affairs, effective response to the needs of the public.

(four) more stable: technology leading solid security guarantees in place. In the realization of rapid clearance and effective supervision at the same time, Shanghai Customs attaches great importance to the safety construction. In 2002 the implementation of the network security upgrade project. In 2004 and 2005, has implemented overall network defense system and customs information application system network operation project. In 2008 to the host of real comprehensive reform, increased equipment capacity 100%, effectively guarantee the stable operation of each district operations in the field of network communication. At the same time, the Shanghai Customs introduced advanced analysis system to assist in the completion of system operation analysis report, first time to find and eliminate security vulnerabilities; development and application of the Shanghai customs business management and monitoring system, the computer to access service management network security management. In the aspects of information system reinforcement, ensure once accidents timely repair equipment and recovery system.

July 1983, Shanghai customs has pioneered the use of the tape to the General Administration of Customs shall submit the monthly statistics, the end of every month to the local Customs General Administration of customs statistics, send the original import and export goods declaration history. Shanghai customs also introduced network fax system, sending and receiving directly on a computer network fax; network of voice communication, the realization of the various departments in the network extension of free call each other. The application of science and technology plays a significant role the use of resources and build a conservation minded government departments in the process of intensive.

To promote the construction of modern customs management innovation

During the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, Shanghai to "innovation drive, transition and development" as the goal, promote the "four centers" and a modern international metropolis construction, which is a significant challenge to the customs management ideas, management pattern and the management method. Shanghai customs will follow the Shanghai smart city construction pace, adhere to innovation and development, the national service in the forefront, continue to promote scientific decision-making, operation, operation


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