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  Smart city model is a dynamic model of innovation, wisdom of the city with the development of Internet, Internet +, networking, and Cloud Applications gradually formed wisdom scale, many elements of wisdom, wisdom of communication, intelligence services and the wisdom of the decision-making by build up a continuous development of a new dynamic system model, is like a man who grew up with the years the growth of the wisdom also increasingly incomplete. A simple model of the wisdom of the city:


Smart city model

The wisdom of elements is the basic unit of the wisdom of the city, can be as small as a card, ID card, a switch, a probe, a mobile phone, a Pad, a computer; large intelligent Home Furnishing, intelligent building and city parks, public infrastructure, city services, government services industry institutions, of which the key is how these elements of wisdom, with perceptual function, this is a complex and innovative process of formation, cells, tissues and organs like this part of the human body, is the underlying design and the construction of the wisdom of the city, with the escalation of networking and Internet plus applications, many elements of society the wisdom will gradually.

The wisdom of communication part is refers to in the smart city link to many other elements of wisdom network transmission system, including between object and object interoperability that networking and ubiquitous network, this is wisdom city of neural network system structure, just as the body's nervous system, of which the key is how to make these systems are capable of wisdom, forming the most effective communication mechanism, need to constantly improve. Ubiquitous network including various wireless networks, such as handheld wireless networks, satellite positioning communication network, digital television broadcast network, wireless broadband network, all kinds of remote control, telemetry signal network; various wired networks, including closed-circuit television network, a variety of monitoring network and control network system; international Internet, Internet and so on.

Intelligence service is refers to the wisdom of the city of many wisdom element to provide management and effective service facilities, systems and institutions, of which the key is how to construct the wisdom of service system and service platform, through effective communication and wisdom form rapid response mechanism, to management services through scientific and technological innovation become more humane, and not simple electronic, mechanization, and intelligent, which is close to the low-level machine model, but to make this part of human wisdom, make service management and more humane can greatly satisfy needs of the wisdom of the elements. Included in the urban basic public service facilities, relating to people's livelihood and social service outlets, government offices, financial services, state machine, etc., is like the human heart circulatory system, digestive system and respiratory system, with body movement to achieve rapid response, comprehensive and to provide energy and wisdom of the service.

The wisdom of the decision-making part refers to the core of the wisdom of the city, with the command, control, storage, processing and decision function. The key is the core of intelligent building, which is the wisdom of the city's top design and construction, is the wisdom of the city's main building, grasp the direction and standard of the wisdom of urban construction, the wisdom of urban construction dynamic process and the scale of investment control, and gather the wisdom of mankind and control experience, the full integration of social resources, continuous innovation, correctly guide the social main body and intelligence elements of consumer smart city to provide the resources and services, if there is no good top-level design and the wisdom of the decision-making, the underlying intelligence elements of the construction will be messy private ride chaos to build. As part of the wisdom of the decision-making center of the brain of the human body, has the massive data storage and processing ability and decision analysis ability, control ability of the whole body. With the continuous improvement of the super computer and artificial intelligence, cloud computing technology and mass storage data analysis is widely used, the wisdom of the city's top construction will quickly upgrade form to adapt to the source of the wisdom of urban development.

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