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The wisdom of urban construction is in the smart city dynamic model of innovation, by continuously introducing innovative wisdom, will give the many elements of city life cycle, constantly updated, like smart switch instead of the conventional switch, intelligent mobile phone alternative ordinary telephone, cloud terminal replacement computer, digital camera to replace film camera, product replacement cycle becoming shorter and shorter, product more and more wisdom gradually with elements of wisdom upgrade instead of ordinary social elements. Of course wisdom is a long process, is a huge systematic project, dependent on application level and life cycle of product innovation shortened, for example: for many years is also required for electronic eye to eye resolution (five hundred and seventy-six million three hundred thousand pixels) to.

The wisdom of urban construction in continue to solve the intelligence elements of the premise, through the continuous improvement of the service system of the intelligent level and decision support capabilities, namely service system for management to give more human intelligence, relatively close to the simulation of the humanized management, to further improve the management level and service efficiency, such as urban public traffic smart card system, to solve the local travel rapid bayonet management, medical insurance card, water, electricity, gas card to solve the local service fees, but also do not city card. The future of biometric identification technology, more will be people-oriented, without any card, do not bring any money, let any management system and intelligent systems are wisdom, let people every moment enjoy urban resource of wisdom and intelligence service. Of course, let the wisdom of the city up is more complex and management innovation and application of the process, rather than simply instead of using the system or the system not enough wisdom and power is one top service chaos situation, like a traffic jam traffic light helpless, traffic police on, the wisdom of the people instead of the Intelligent Transportation Command, because human 5 billion of resolution and spatial imagination, abstract thinking, such as intelligence, is difficult to mock machine system.

The Ministry of housing in April 2013 issued a smart city construction of special file: "smart city public information platform construction guidelines (Trial)", which gives the overall framework of smart city public information platform:




The wisdom of urban construction of our country is run in a dynamic model of innovation, Ministry of science and technology and the National Standards Committee has the first batch of 20 cities to carry out pilot work smart city were deployed to promote, including ten provinces and one autonomous region:

Jiangsu Province: Nanjing, Wuxi, Yangzhou.

Shanxi Province: Taiyuan, Yangquan.

Liaoning Province: Dalian.

Heilongjiang Province: Harbin, Daqing.

Anhui Province: Hefei.

Shandong Province: Qingdao, Ji'nan.

Hubei Province: Wuhan, Xiangyang.

Guangdong Province: Shenzhen, Huizhou.

Sichuan Province: Chengdu.

Shaanxi Province: Xi'an, Yanan, Yangling demonstration zone

The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region: Karamay.

With the pace of China's urbanization, agricultural big country of the agricultural population will be less than the urban population, urban scale and capacity increase, urban management more difficult, forced the government to accelerate the wisdom of urban development construction, proposed by Premier Li Keqiang "Internet + action plan will effectively promote the pace of the construction of the wisdom of the city, the top-level design of the smart city currently visible" wisdom City Index System 1.0 "has been upgraded to a" wisdom City Index System 2.0 "version.

The index system of Intelligent City 1.0 "can be divided into the wisdom of urban infrastructure, smart city public management and services, smart city information services, economic development, smart city humanities literacy, the wisdom of urban citizen subjective perception on the five dimensions, including 19 second level indicators and 64 third level indicators. "The increase of the wisdom of the city soft environment construction is the 6 dimensions of wisdom city index system 2" version, 18 factors and 37 indexes.

Annex 1 "1" smart city index system

Annex 2 "2" smart city index system

Annex 3 "smart city public information platform construction guidelines (Trial)"

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