Beijing Asia Satellite Communication Technology Co., Ltd. always focus in national intelligent, informatization, construction services, and to provide products and core technologies, a comprehensive solution scheme and system integration services, in government, finance, hospital, coal mine, aerospace, energy saving and environmental protection industry is one of the intelligence, information and digitization of famous enterprises.

Company's business expanded to the country and overseas, have domestic branch, twenty years to undertake the project nearly a thousand items, the company has won the Ministry of science and technology achievement award, national new product award, Expo Gold Medal and other honors.

Wei Ya communication industry solutions can be in the project planning approval of various aspects of providing intelligent part of the special needs of the research, function orientation, write research report, budget report, project schedule interface specifications, technical specifications document. Facing the construction projects of the whole building design, integrated construction project planning consultant, can undertake special building intelligent planning advisory service outsourcing, as a professional technical team, as they provide professional planning, consulting service, make the output design scheme and planning report of intelligent professional departments more valuable.

As the professional industry solutions provider of engineering services, sub Wei Tong has a large number of proficient in intelligent technology and products, understand the industry of the deep demand industry experts, with a deep understanding of system in intelligent building technology and engineering management, for the industry to provide building intelligent overall planning consulting professional services.

Our advantage: experience in the construction of many years of large-scale intelligent project, a deep understanding of the industry technology and products; understanding intelligent engineering and construction engineering and intelligent turned into a relationship based IT services and information construction; the professional and technical personnel to complete, in major project technology integration capability is strong; to the government the competent department report or budget form, content, examination and approval procedures to understand.

Wei Ya Tong industry intelligence solutions is according to the principle of system engineering, in order to meet the needs of different users, the integration of the modern information technology and modern computer technology, modern communication technology, modern automatic control technology and other modern high technology, and construction technology of the organic combination of full. Design a complete intelligent integrated system (IIS), information systems (itsi), information technology application system (itas), construction equipment management system (BMS), public security system (PSS) and electronic computer engineering (EEEP) subsystem, intelligent system. System to the construction equipment management system, public security system and information application system separation equipment, function, information through information infrastructure system is integrated into a system of interrelated, unified coordination and ensure equipment in the system design of unified management and interrelated nature, to ensure the stability of the overall system, integration and scalability.

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