The 10 construction industry benchmark, determine your direction in 2016

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In 2015, the construction industry big, industry insiders have tasted joy, anxiety, refreshing taste. Gratifying is that industry overall has maintained a good momentum of steady and healthy development; is worrying, the development of the industry still exist some problems, business transformation of the road is not smooth; encouraging is that the status of the pillar industries of construction industry consolidation, country and industry departments pay close attention to the industry of unprecedented. Today, Xiaobian lead in reviewing the past year reform of the construction industry footprint at the same time, but also for the future development of the industry gives a panoramic view.

Key words: "replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT)"

The pilot delayed positive construction

Background: according to the provisions of the state, the construction industry "replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT)" with the end of the 2015 implementation. In fact, you can see in the Ministry of Finance leadership speech, the construction industry "replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT)" to promote the wording from "complete" to "strive to achieve" to "timely," into the "final is speeding up". December 28, 2015, the national financial work conference held in Beijing, Minister of Finance Lou Jiwei proposed 2016 fully open "camp to add" reform and construction, real estate, financial industry, and service industry will be included in the scope of the pilot.

Analysis: there is no doubt that the "camp to increase" in the construction industry has continued for a long time. According to the association, the enterprise and the related organization estimates, the construction industry "replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT)" with the rate of 11%, the tax burden will increase greatly, may lead to the whole industry "bankruptcy". The construction industry "camp to add" relates to all aspects of building enterprise management mode, organization structure, bidding, procurement, contract management, financial management, considering the current situation of the development of architectural industry, theoretical calculation and the actual deviation is too large, amounting to less than "camp to add" for the purpose of lightening the burden of enterprises.

"Replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) pilot delay, the future policy may be inclined to the construction industry, the construction industry is conducive to the long term development, and better for the docking pilot favorable time for industry standard management.

Keywords: order

The building is expected to establish a unified and open market

Background: September 18, 2015, Premier Li Keqiang presided over held deepen state-owned enterprises reform and development of the forum, in listening to a central rate comes to in the area of the bidding and registered more than 200 "shell" subsidiary, to the relevant departments responsible person said: "construction market should be a unified market, can not engage in local segmentation!" On September 21, the Ministry of housing and Urban Construction issued "on promoting the notice of the construction market unified and open a number of provisions," clearly requires all levels of local housing department in charge of urban construction in the construction business for the inter provincial contract business supervision and management work, shall not violate the provisions of laws and regulations, shall not directly or in disguised form to implement regional protection.

Analysis: local protection policy is unfair competition in encouraging the construction market. Local protectionism to local enterprises occupy a certain advantage, the real strength of the construction enterprises was eliminated, formed "bad money expulsion good money" phenomenon, the healthy development of the whole construction market formed a fatal blow. Local protection is not only the engineering quality can not be guaranteed, but also make the local enterprises lose the full competition opportunities, growth space narrowing. At the same time, local protection will inevitably lead to corruption, "the project is built, cadres to go down the events of It is often seen.

The on promoting the construction market unified and open a number of provisions, "January 1, 2016 officially implemented, create the good order in the construction market produced important influence, will also for the industry sustained and rapid development of clearing away the obstacles.

Keywords: Supervision

"Four one platform" to create visual supervision

Background: according to the 2014 "national construction market supervision and integrity of the information system based on database data standard (Trial)" and the "national construction market supervision and integrity of the information system based on database management approach (Trial)" requirements, before the end of 2015, to complete the provincial engineering construction enterprises, registered personnel, project, integrity the basic information database construction, quality and safety supervision work integration platform for the establishment of the construction market and Engineering (hereinafter referred to as the "four one platform"), dynamic recording project parties to the main market and the linkage behavior, effective realization of the construction market and the construction site supervision, the full realization of the national construction market of the data in a database, a regulatory network, manage a line of information regulatory objectives.

Analysis: "Si Ku Quan Shu platform" is platform of the housing and urban construction ministry of national construction market supervision and integrity, role is to resolve the problem of data long acquisition, duplicate entry, real verification, project missing data and integrity of the information is difficult to collect, from the market supervision and administrative examination and approval and "market and spot two could not interact with other, ensure data comprehensive, authenticity, relevance and dynamic, the full realization of the national construction market" of the data in a database, a regulatory network management, a line of information regulatory goals.

As of July 2015, a total of 18 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government shall achieve and the Ministry of housing and urban construction "Si Ku Quan Shu platform" real-time Unicom, according to information disclosed by the Ministry of housing and urban construction. The service platform of China Unicom, will achieve "lateral Unicom" and "vertical penetrating", effectively reduce the enterprise management and the Department in charge of supervision cost, to effectively prevent and reduce the construction market of illegal behavior, for the safe production provide protection.

Keywords: survival

The strength of the central enterprises continuously improve the private living space to expand

Background: in 2015, the new special qualification of 35 enterprises, the number of premium quality enterprises reached 333, super

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