Yaweitong bid five project and 128 hall building intelligent engineering

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Recently, YAVATOP successfully won the bid for five and 128 Hall of intelligent building engineering project. The project construction area of 180000 square meters. Nave is to inherit the traditional culture and modern western expensive context convergence and tries their best to build the new Chinese Premier compound, reflecting Jiayuan "respect the tradition, create the future" enterprise culture. The project is located in the west city of Victoria Fengtai District yuegezhuang North bridge. Chudo project since the launch has been working in Beijing green building and low carbon sampleake unremitting efforts to this end, has already got the pre certified LEED. With the sun in the main hall, to maximize the use of land, with the center of the city green life. Products international form, to the heritage of Chinese housing accumulation, combined with the world trend, produce a historical sense, sense of culture with Chinese symbols of Confucian Residence.

Chudo five and 128 project of intelligent building project mainly includes security monitoring system, background music system, patrol system, parking management system, perimeter alarm system, building intercom system, supporting system for the computer room, five party interphone system, indoor AV system.

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