Yaweitong bid Beijing chinastars Haiyue City Phase Information Engineering

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Recently, YAVATOP successfully bid Beijing chinastars Haiyue City a weak electric engineering design and construction engineering. This project has a building area of 14000 square meters, blue star China - serene city is China real estate top 25 -- blue real estate in Beijing from the potential for. The blue real estate Xing Huazhi together, the traditional site selection of Fangshan center in Liangxiang to build low-density livable villa residential area, Beijing top with just standard definition. Blue Dominic - serene city is located in the west of the central business district of Liangxiang, Beijing week road side. Adjacent to Beijing week Road, Beijing high-speed roads, city, city core transportation accessibility.

Beijing Star Sea Yuehua city a period of weak current engineering to deepen engineering design and construction mainly includes the intercom system, access control system, parking system.

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