The latest research results of the National Astronomical Observatory issued a new year

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On the afternoon of January 4, 2015 Nobel Prize for physiology science or medicine prize winner Tu Youyou, and in recent years, the state supreme science and Technology Award for person Xie Jialin, Wu Liangyong, Zheng Zhemin, Zhang cunhao asteroid naming ceremony was held at Beijing's Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier Liu Yandong of the State Council issued a certificate, an asteroid named orbit map, and delivered an important speech. Minister of the Ministry of science and technology, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Wan Gang, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Bai Chunli and other leaders attended the naming ceremony. The naming ceremony presided over by the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of science and technology Hou Jianguo. An asteroid named after academician Zheng Zhemin spoke on behalf of scientists. National Observatory, Yan Jun in the naming ceremony read an asteroid named bulletin.

Liu Yandong in his speech pointed out that Tu Youyou, scientists such as an outstanding representative of the older generation of Chinese science and technology workers, committed to innovation, pragmatic, in their respective fields made an important contribution, won the science and technology and social recognition and praise. Hope that the majority of scientists to the older generation of scientists as a model, in-depth study their loyalty to the patriotic feelings of the motherland and the people, rigorous and realistic scientific attitude, dare to the innovative spirit of people first and selfless dedication of the noble character and actively participate in the construction of modernization, contribution towards a new national and technological power of the great journey. Liu stressed that scientists are scientific knowledge and scientific spirit of the important carrier, is the national science and technology progress of the precious wealth to for them to create better conditions for scientific research, vigorously promote the advanced deeds to in the whole society to form a good environment of respect for knowledge and talent.

Zheng Zhemin said in his speech, naming activities not only reflect the state of the science of attention and loving care, is the ardent hope of scientific and technical workers. "I was to learn, have a special affinity for the honor, to cherish. Because it is people's observation and exploration of planetary motion, a suitable rule of mechanical motion and general theory of gravitation, and created calculus, thus opening up a precise scientific age." Zheng Zhemin said that with respect to care for the honor, as in the past attention to science and technology development; at the same time the National Observatory researchers said.

The asteroid is at present all kinds of celestial bodies can only according to the wishes of the discoverer of the nomination, and approved by the International Astronomical organization and internationally recognized objects. Due to the seriousness of the asteroid named, uniqueness and permanent nature can not be changed, making it possible to obtain an asteroid named as the world recognized a privilege. Tu Youyou, Xie Jialin, Wu Liangyong, Zheng Zhemin, an asteroid named after Zhang cunhao is the National Astronomical Observatory of Chinese Academy of Sciences Schmidt CCD asteroid project groups found and obtained the permanent number, the International Astronomical Union Committee for small body nomenclature approved and officially named.

Tu (1930-), China famous pharmacologist, Nobel prize winner. She found a new antimalarial drug artemisinin, saved worldwide especially in the developing world, millions of people's lives. Tu has won many including the 2015 Nobel prize in physiology or medicine, has the high prestige of academic awards.

Xie Jialin (1920), academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a famous physicist, particle accelerator cause in China pioneer and founder of one. He pushed the forefront of the development of Chinese accelerator science and technology, won the 2011 National Science and technology award.

Wu Liangyong (1922-), academician of Academy of Sciences Academician, China China Academy of engineering, architecture, urban planning scientist and educator, founder of the science of human settlements China. Have won several international awards, and 2011 National Science and technology award.

Zheng Zhemin (1924-), China academician of the Academy of Sciences and engineering, the American Academy of engineering, the founder of the mechanics of explosion. He advocated, organized and participated in the establishment and planning a number of new branches or mechanical field, is China organizer of mechanical construction and development of the subject and the leader, won the 2012 National Science and technology award.

Zhang Cunhao (1928-), Chinese academician of the Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Sciences for developing countries. One of the founders of the high-energy chemical laser founder and molecular reaction dynamics, won the 2013 national supreme science and technology award.



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