Hangzhou YAVATOP ivisions factory visit

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On December 5, under the leadership of the company president Wang Xiuhua, deputy general manager Sun Xiaoguang, GUI Ren Li, Wei Ya Tong Engineering Technology Department, customs department, a pedestrian arrived at Hangzhou Yu considered plant, intelligent information cooperation and Yu depending on the company to explore exchanges.

Yu as the deputy general manager of a warm reception YAVATOP line, Yu as the company's service area, business scope, key projects, and the prospect of the two sides in the field of intelligent information is to carry out the cooperation project is introduced.

Wang Xiuhua thanked the company ivisions yaweitong company support over the years. He said that Wei Ya Tong Yu and seen in big data, cloud computing field and technological innovation and cooperation has achieved good results, through a deeper level of communication and promote both sides in the information application, information technology and information industry form the benign interaction, aim to achieve mutual benefits and win-win

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