The research team found that black hole jet new pattern material -- International for the first time

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Beijing time on November 26th, the top international scientific journal "nature" published a major scientific discovery by scientists China. The result is a national observatory researcher Liu Jifeng lead the team in the international for the first time from the super soft X ray source found relativistic jet, broke the astronomical community's previous knowledge, reveals a new way of black hole accretion and jet formation. "Natural" magazine that this work is the 2015 annual five most important discoveries in the field of.

The black hole engulfed material in the process can sometimes produce outward jet. How black holes devour material and how to form a jet is a major frontier problem in astrophysics. Liu Jifeng leadership team with world the largest optical telescope -- Spanish GTC ten meter telescope and the Keck 10 meter telescope, 10 million light-years away in the constellation of spiral galaxy M81 bright super soft X ray source spectral monitoring studies, first discovered in its spectrum with highly blue shifted hydrogen emission line, reveals the system there is speed reached 0.2 times the speed of light of relativistic baryonic jet.

The study for astronomers to understand the black hole accretion and the jet formation opens a new window. The astronomers generally believe that black hole material cannot produce ultra soft X ray spectra, and only in the low hard X ray spectra or very high spectral state will produce relativistic jets. "Found in the ultra soft X ray source in relativistic jets to everyone's surprise, this changed the nature and jet on the ultra soft X ray source of our cognitive form." American Academy of Sciences and a fellow of the Royal Society of London, Harvard University tenured professor Remash Narayan review said "and its observational features and people of a black hole in high accretion rate state the conjecture and recent numerical simulation results accord well, vividly demonstrated the black hole excess devour matter produced high baryon jets and Thick Accretion Disc wind situation."

National Astronomical Observatory director, School of astronomy and space science, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Dean Yan Jun said that this work is Liu et al (team following the November 2013 in the journal Nature published X-ray bright source of research results, research in the area of a black hole and a breakthrough of major astronomical discovery. In recent years, Chinese astronomers continue in the "natural" magazine published an important scientific achievement that gradually improve the overall level of research in China and the huge potential of astronomy.

Spiral galaxy M81 in bright ultra soft X ray source location. Pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope, the GALEX ultraviolet telescope, Spitzer's infrared telescope, Chandra X-ray telescope image synthesis。 


Black hole accretion material and producing high speed material jets and Accretion Disc wind figure artistic imagination (Beijing planetarium Yu Jingchuan)


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