The National Astronomical Observatory FAST engineering telescope feed supporting system for the firs

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The morning of November 21st 11, FAST telescope feed supporting system for the first time to upgrade successfully. This marks the feed supporting system for the fast project officially entered the six cables with load debugging stage, also marked as one of the nine major science and technology infrastructure of our country fast telescope, completed the "punchline" is about to come to an end.

FAST feed support system including support tower, cable driver, Kui Yuancang, the four part cabin docking platform. The system uses a light mechanical and electrical integration technology, innovatively proposed light cable feed supporting platform, breaks through the traditional radio telescope feed and the reflecting surface is fixed relative to the rigid support mode, greatly reduces the weight and size of the feed support structure, reducing of the radio telescope radio occlusions, and use parallel robot for fine tuning, the receiver telescope high precision pointing and tracking is one of three independent innovation of fast.

For the realization of the cabin of a wide range, high precision location, in the construction process developed performance is far superior to the national military standards and is the world's first fast moving cable technology; innovation developed curtain type cable into the tank mechanism of, full foot fast observed signal transmission; for cable driven equipment with high power electronic devices and the motion, take reached the national military standard class D (the most senior) requirements of electromagnetic shielding measures.

The feed supporting cable drive system with high span, and flexible control accuracy, speed range, complex process, mounted hard technical characteristics and a number of technology breaks through the existing standards and norms. A collection of more than a dozen professional astronomy, radio, machinery, electrical, communication, measurement and control, etc.. Current cable driven equipment design, manufacturing and installation work has been completed, with six cable drag cabin upgrade to 108 meters, and the corresponding functional testing, marks the cable driven engineering officially entered the six cables with load stage.


Feed is a telescope is used to receive the alien universe signal system, the cabin is placed the cabin, can be called the eye of wisdom "eyes". Fast telescope diameter reached 500 meters, from the top end of the vertical distance close to 138 meters, is currently the world in built the largest diameter, the most powerful single antenna radio telescope, known as the wisdom in sight.


Is Guizhou Qiannan Prefecture is to build the world's largest single aperture radio telescope, 500 meter aperture spherical radio telescope (fast) is currently undergoing reflector panel installation, 4400 block length of about 11 meters triangle panel installation has been completed nearly three percent is expected in April next year before and after the installation is completed.


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