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Kejichuangan project

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Project Name: CCTV intelligent parking lot management system

Bid time: 2013.3

Project introduction: North China Electric Power University is located in Changping District, Zhu Daxinzhuang North Agricultural Road, in the suburb of Beijing, the people around the campus complex, the flow of people. The original school security monitoring system simulation equipment has serious aging, along with the electronic product updates, now use a lot of equipment has been discontinued, inconvenient maintenance, the maintenance cost is more and more high. Original monitoring point coverage is inadequate, like campus traffic arteries, basketball court and a square is not set monitoring point, have caused a large potential for school safety. Our company actively communicate with Party A, in accordance with the requirements of high standard security current design, create a complete digital high-definition video surveillance platform. Construction content includes new full HD digital video surveillance platform, digital campus phase II monitoring interface, digital high-definition display screen, 600 digital camera system, room decoration, new 178 digital high-definition monitor level.

The scope of the project: the original monitoring TV wall transformation, establish digital high-definition display screen, existing 600 analog camera access digital monitoring platform, inside the room decoration, new 178 of the digital HD monitoring point.



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