Chinese SONG project one meter telescope successfully at the beginning of the first light and timing

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August 30, Sunday at midnight just after, song project 1 meter telescope through connection in Kurdish focus of high resolution spectrometer, successfully get left Sadakazu Ziwei seven (gamma Cephei, V=3.21) short term spectral order, which marks the song project missions for a period of 4 years of efforts have finally reached the initial goal. This star is the target star candidate source as a scientific trial operation, it also means that we now obtain data with scientific significance (Figure 1). Gamma Cephei is a red giant star, the ruler has a larger amplitude of vibration, and contains a single cycle for 900 days of exoplanets. This is what we will in the test stage to focus on the target.

Chinese song project included a meter telescope (Figure 2, telescope photographed in the early light of a picture, in the polishing of internal rotating dome, with Nubia Z9 long exposure shot) and its affiliated lucky imaging system and high resolution spectrometer, and prior to the scientific operation of the network 50BiN China node telescope (project fully invested by the China West Normal University, also known as Xihua Normal University 50 cm double tube telescope). The SONG1 meter telescope and terminal instrument development tasks undertaken by the National Astronomical Observatory of Nanjing Astronomical Optical Technology research. The system integrates the thin mirror active optics, lucky imaging, fixed elevation resolution iodin box radial velocity measurements (R=60000-120000, RV=1m/s) and a series of new techniques. This set of equipment service in stellar physics research in two major scientific objectives: (1) based on lucky imaging technique of microlensing method of detecting extrasolar planets; (2) to the speed of asteroseismology methodology study of stellar interior structure based on visual. This is the two time the typical scientific goals of astronomy, the construction of its scientific achievements depends on the network. China SONG project is an international network of nodes, and the successful implementation of the second node scientific operation. Chinese node success means that the international SONG project in October last year after the Danish SONG-Hertzsprung telescope into a single node operation, can enter the formal operation of the network. This is a part of the whole network is extremely important scientific objectives. In the early light, all the staff in the station, including from the Aarhus University in Denmark Frank Grundahl and MadsAndersen carried out a simple ceremony to celebrate this memorable moment (Figure 3).

Light is the first step to realize the first scientific operation of the equipment, the next work including the realization of telescope automatic control and joint operation of scientific instruments. There are a lot of work to the depth of the development of software link at present, in order to achieve the automatic unattended global network node. Trial operation of the telescope and instrument system to be carried out at least once a year. From the preliminary analysis, the full realization of the system of scientific research and technical requirements. The spectrometer resolution above 120000 (thorium argon lamp spectrum, gamma Cephei official test results) the measured velocity accuracy of 3 M / s. In the depth of debugging, after the instrument is stable, we will be able to achieve the expected 1 meters radial velocity observation accuracy. This device will provide a platform for the one and only domestic stellar physics research, using advanced research to carry out vibration, stellar exoplanets, Doppler imaging, star element abundance analysis etc..

  Figure 1.Gamma a Cephei spectrum. The exposure time of 120 seconds, R=80000. S/N=140, the radial velocity precision is about 3 M / s. The green line is the superposition of high resolution spectra of Arcturus standard. 


  Figure 3.SONG project team in all station personnel in the acquisition of the first star sequence in the control room in the humble held a ceremony to celebrate the beginning of the light.


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