The study found that the National Astronomical Observatory of supermassive binary black hole hidden

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Recently, the National Observatory researchers Lu Youjun, Yan Changshuo and cooperation are found in recent quasar Markarian 231 hidden supermassive binary black holes. The results of the study have been published in the international authoritative journal "astrophysics magazine" (The Astrophysical Journal) on (Yan, Lu, Dai, Yu & ApJ, 2015, 809, 117; DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/809/2/117).

The observations show that most galaxies have a supermassive black hole center. In the standard cold dark matter model of the universe, the massive galaxy is formed by small mass merging galaxies, Galaxy merger will inevitably produce a supermassive black hole pair. At the same time, gas rich Galaxy merger will lead to gas flows to the center of the trigger nuclear activities and the formation of quasars. Therefore, the theory is expected to have a supermassive black hole in a considerable number of double quasars. However, some observation on the supermassive black hole double evidence is still vague, rare. Search, identification of black hole binary quasars and galaxies forming evolution and further study of the gravitational wave and basic theory of gravitation is of great significance to understand.

By research teams in the National Astronomical Observatory Lu Youjun and Yan Changshuo, University of Oklahoma Dai Xin Yu, Peking University Kewei science and Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Institute Qing Juan Yu composition analysis of the continuous spectrum of recent quasar Markarian 231 (Figure 1). According to the optical observation data from the Hubble telescope to Markarian 231 core ultraviolet radiation observation and Keck telescopes, they found Markarian 231 "extreme and amazing nature" can be very good with supermassive binary black hole accretion to explain.

Only if a black hole exists in the center of the quasar, then formed by hot gas in the vicinity of the accretion disk will emit ultraviolet ray a lot. However, observations show that the ultraviolet radiation from the center of the disk suddenly decreased (Figure two). This feature is the accretion disk has a huge rotating around the center of the black hole doughnut hole structure (donut hole; three) provide strong observational evidence. Based on dynamic model. This optical ultraviolet continuum in the best explanation is an accretion disk center is composed of two mutual rotation of the supermassive black holes, they will accretion disk material eliminate exhausted. Main central black hole mass is about 1.5 billion times the mass of the sun, and in the circle inside around the main rotating black hole of the secondary black hole quality, there are 4 million solar masses. Time to carry a small black hole accretion disk and the emission of ultraviolet radiation. The orbital period of 1.2 years. Common black holes will double that gravitational wave emission, energy loss, and the final collision in the hundreds of thousands of years.

Low quality of the black hole is the remains and Markarian combined 231 galaxies. The asymmetry of the host galaxies and young blue stars long tidal tails, that they have experienced a recent and. And the result of Markarian 231 to become a star formation rate is 100 times the Milky Way active starburst galaxy. Fall into the center of the gas to provide fuel for the black hole "engine", a large outbreak triggered outflow and gas turbulence and further stimulate the birth of stars.

The findings not only reveal the Markarian 231 in the presence of dense near supermassive binary black holes, and that many quasars, galaxies and triggered by the activity of the galaxy's bright nucleus -- are likely to exist mutual rotation of the binary black hole. This study through the optical quasar or ultraviolet radiation to the lack of system provides a template to search for these supermassive black hole double.

In August 27th, the Harbert Space Telescope News Center announced the discovery ( In addition, the study by the American Astronomical Society NOVA website highlights selected jobs ( Log on to and to get more pictures and information about the research and the Harbert telescope.

This research was supported by the National Fund Committee of the projects and Chinese academy pilot "the structure of the universe origin" grant.


  (Credit:NASA,ESA,the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)-ESA/Hubble Collaboration,and A.Evans (University of Virginia, Charlottesville/NRAO/Stony Brook University))     

    (Credit:NASA,ESA,and P.Jeffries (STScI))     

  (Credit:NASA,ESA,and G. Bacon) 


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