500 m diameter spherical radio telescope (FAST) the first reflector unit lifting

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August 2, at half past two in the afternoon, the use of Guizhou karst is building the world's largest single aperture radio telescope -- 500 meter aperture spherical radio telescope (fast), with the day the first block assembly detection qualified reflector units in the engineering field of the fast lifting the success, marking the fast project construction has entered the final sprint stage.

FAST of the reflecting surface area of about 250 thousand square meters, composed of 4450 reflectors unit. Each reflector unit is composed of 100 blocks of riveted panel sub unit, weight is not more than 500KG, there are 186 kinds of specifications, the height of about 1.3 meters.

Reflector unit with two transport locomotives and two half span cable hanging joint lifting scheme with two independently operating locomotive transport along the beam ring to transport the reflector units, and then were transferred to two sets of half span cable crane, radial transport reflector units to cable network designated position, by the construction personnel arrived cable network node position assembly is fixed. The installation it is one of the main technical difficulties of the FAST project, the key problems include: large span, high position, process complex, interference and other difficulties. The project into the formal implementation stage, show that the reflector unit lifting difficulty has been solved.

The reflector installation will take about 9 months, is expected to be completed in 2016 April.



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