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June 26, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Bai Chunli, to the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Astronomical Observatory 500 meter aperture spherical radio telescope (fast) Da Wo Dang construction site inspection, guidance, office of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, director of the Wang Keqiang, conditions and financial security bureau director Wu Jianguo, Kunming branch president here such as office, conditions and Financial Protection Bureau, Department of bureau, bureau of news dissemination comrades together study. National Astronomical Observatory director, fast project manager Yan Jun, Secretary of the Party committee, deputy director Zhao Gang, deputy director, fast engineering deputy manager Xiao Nian Zheng and related engineering and technical personnel accompanied the expedition and report the fast progress of the project.

In the field of FAST engineering field command held office meeting, Zheng Xiaonian made a detailed report on the progress of the FAST project, FAST project progress and play video. Then the assistant manager of FAST engineering Li Di reported on the progress of FAST project early scientific objectives, and to visit the leadership details of the FAST project will be in the future in the field of radio astronomy plays the role of.

After listening to the report and discussion, Bai Chunli, on behalf of the school party to express heartfelt thanks to National Observatory project fast all engineering and technical personnel, to undertake projects of the construction unit in line to pay the efforts and at province, prefecture and county levels of government give to fast project attaches great importance to and support. Are you in the FAST project since March 25, 2011 to start very hard work and support now for 1554 days to ensure the project can be completed on schedule.

Bai Chunli pointed out that the current international competition is very fierce, for September 25th next year can be completed on time. Early completion, early to get the data, but also the early return of state to give the project investment. FAST is one of our own intellectual property of science and engineering, engineering construction process, whether it is from the material, design and environment have many unexpected difficulties, have a lot of experience. The project went today, on the one hand reflects the "catch up, leading across the spirit of FAST; on the other hand, the project includes exercise a project management and engineering team. More commendable is that fast pre scientific studies done very well, including the advanced sex of the pre scientific research personnel training, and foreign large astronomical device cooperation and project. These work, exercise the FAST research team, provides a preliminary basis for the use of FAST, to carry out scientific research earlier. FAST use its own advantages and characteristics of early scientific exploration deployment, blind foreign equipment can not reach, this experience is worth promoting. FAST in and abroad for cooperation at the same time, also hope to further strengthen cooperation in the hospital, to guide people to concentrate on the big scientific device input and output to be compared.

Bai Chunli suggestions: 1, we have to actively cooperate with the national development and Reform Commission and the consultative company, let the funding gap problem will be resolved as soon as possible; 2, hope in Guizhou Province, prefecture and county governments to support the solution of the waves in the vicinity of the fast loop mirror problem; 3, Guizhou is a large data center, we can consider is leased or building their own fast data center. Recommendations as soon as possible will establish FAST data center and the national development and Reform Commission comrades will increase communication, FAST data center construction needs to adjust scheme. 4, science and engineering personnel evaluation to to provide quality of service, user, equipment integrity, major outcome based, not in a paper published as the sole criterion, especially to participate in big science center young comrades can not in accordance with the standard of basic researchers to evaluate. In big science center units can't be evaluated by the first author, the first unit of the article, we want to encourage researchers to work stably.

Finally, Bai Chunli hope comrades to continue their efforts to produce a satisfactory answer, in the first plan, fast to the first step, submit a satisfactory answer to the party and state.

After the meeting, Bai Chunli line in fast engineering and technical personnel, accompanied by, happily in the rain boarded fast reflection surface beam were field trips.


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