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Project overview

Medical wisdom is an important part of the wisdom of the city, is the comprehensive application of medical networking, data fusion transmission and exchange, cloud computing, metropolitan area network technology. Through information technology will be health infrastructure and it infrastructure integration, to medical cloud data center "as the core, across time and space constraints of the original medical system, and on this basis of intelligent decision and realize the optimization of medical service, the medical system.

Figure 1 health status

Urbanization promotes the development of medical and health information, increasing medical and health resources at the same time, the medical and health resources continues to focus on the large hospitals, and chain reaction. Don't hang on, doctor, distance, emergency can not get timely treatment of the problem of "difficult", in essence, has not been effectively resolved. Between institutions and organizations, information isolated patients on medical problems which are not familiar with the business of medical cost in patients with repeated overhead or cannot use "expensive" problem is becoming more and more obvious.

Medical wisdom is the individual, instruments and institutions are integrated as a whole, the patient personnel, medical personnel, insurance companies, researchers are closely linked and achieve business collaboration and increase the triple benefits of society, organization and individual. At the same time, through mobile communication, mobile Internet technology remote registration, online consultation, online payment and other medical services to everyone's hands, to ease the difficult problem.

Project introduction


Figure 3 medical wisdom topology

H3C provides medical cloud data center, medical metropolitan area network, medical campus network, medical cloud collection points, such as medical wisdom infrastructure solutions, and United healthcare partners for the construction of smart medical provide medical cloud data sharing / exchange platform, medical frequent business, medical logistics business comprehensively, the rich and efficient medical applications.

Medical cloud data center: medical wisdom of the brain, containing the double live data center, cloud platform, secure data center, cloud data center management solution, for medical wisdom provides network, computing, storage, security and other services, is the key to medical wisdom it systems in business and high reliability, data high security, service of high quality, high management convenient.

Medical man (metropolitan area network): medical wisdom of the blood, including medical CE metropolitan area network, a new generation of medical Internet, integration gateway solutions, is medical information, medical services, medical resources extends to the city every corner of the main transmission network is between the health department and hospital between the hospital and the hospital, between the hospital and the masses to data exchange, information sharing mainly IT infrastructure.

Medical Park Network: blood of medical wisdom, including medical park infrastructure network, wireless medical and BYOD solutions, medical data collection, issued by the main system. At the same time, it is the carrying platform based medical institutions to achieve medical office, mobile medical, medical networking applications, medical wireless applications.

Medical Cloud Collection: node of medical wisdom, effective collection, distribution, storage, calculation of medical service data, the medical service more convenient and efficient. At the same time, the medical cloud collection point access cable, wireless and other flexible support, convert the 3G signal into WiFi signal to carry out wireless medical service.

The wisdom of the medical business: medical wisdom of neurons, including pre Qin business, logistics business two categories. Medical wisdom before Qin business mainly refers to the medical institution for patients, the public and its office to carry out two aspects of the business. The wisdom of the medical logistics business mainly refers to the business support of medical institutions for medical management in the park. Specific business as below:

Program features

A, efficient, stable and reliable medical wisdom IT infrastructure

N:1 virtualization technology: a global data center infrastructure decentralized fusion, simplified data center architecture, reduce the workload of data center operation;

1:N virtualization technology: a virtual cloud data center into multiple data centers, cloud data center provides perfect service support for different medical institutions;

Distributed data center: take advantage of the cloud data center resources, to achieve double live business, and backup data, and improve the reliability of the whole system;

H3Cloud cloud platform: computing resources dynamic expansion (DRX), dynamic scheduling (DRS), Yun Caihong, cloud desktop and cloud network disk, distributed storage technology scheme can achieve wisdom of the medical business fast on-line, effective support for the wisdom of the medical business to carry out.

Security door: end to end service cloud security technologies and solutions of, the cloud user access layer, Internet platform, cloud security access layer, network door, the cloud layer, service cloud distribution layer, cloud server access layer, such as comprehensive government cloud security door. At the same time, Open Cloud Security API interface with third party cloud platform seamlessly;

Intelligent management center: cloud data center intelligent and automated IT infrastructure operation and maintenance management platform.

The medical man: Telecom routing export based on 100G platform, the effective protection of medical data transmission, medical business collaboration.

Medical Park Network: provide fifth generation WiFi solutions to achieve 1000M wireless bandwidth; BYOD mobile office solutions can help medical staff flexibly and conveniently carry out medical services, improve business efficiency.

Medical Cloud Collection: effectively converts the 3G signal into WiFi signal, provides flexible access mode for the special circumstances of the medical business.

Second, based on things related to technology, the use of a large number of sensors, people pay attention to any medical system or process operating conditions can effectively be measured and perceived, was found; perfect wisdom medical applications effectively help hospitals, community hospitals, clinics achieve industry provided the wisdom and intelligence.

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