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The wisdom of the Office

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1, the concept of intelligence office

The wisdom of the Office (also called cloud office software and hardware equipment) is the use of cloud computing technology required for the business office of the a kind of intelligent management, implementation of enterprise application software unified deployment mode and delivery of the new office. The wisdom of the office support secure remote access to PC, mobile phones, tablet PCs and other a variety of terminal equipment, enhanced office environment safety, ease of use and scalability, improve collaboration of resources and sharing, enhance management efficiency, optimize business processes, reduce operating costs.

2, introduce the background of the wisdom of the Office

In the daily office business, often require the approval of the existence of a large number of documents and the pending messages, and complex work need to communicate and arrange. Therefore, enterprises usually equipped with complete set of office equipment, to achieve resource sharing and rapid communication. However, with the increase in business office services, the traditional mode of gradually revealed a lot of drawbacks. For example:

0) software system and terminal hardware installation and maintenance complex, not easy to deploy the new system.

1) maintenance manpower cost, hardware replacement and electricity costs high.

2) safety and reliability is low, the data is vulnerable to viruses destroyed or stolen secrets, to avoid hard disk damage caused by data loss.

According to a series of problems existing in the business office system, intelligent office using cloud computing technology, will be required for the enterprise application integration to the virtual desktop office, unified management and delivery. Various functions of the office to provide wisdom, not only can effectively improve the communication process management within the enterprise, but also can solve the common problems in the process of enterprise informatization. With intelligence office mode, enterprises can realize the unified management of internal office facilities, rapid deployment and flexible expansion. At the same time, it can effectively reduce energy consumption and achieve anytime, anywhere remote mobile office and other new business requirements, which improve the enterprises in the rapid demand and there are many uncertain factors in the market environment, to maintain the core competitiveness of enterprises, plays a very important role.

3, the application advantage of the wisdom of the Office

PC IT update brings lower cost

Many of the traditional IT equipment used in less than two years without need to purchase and replacement, resulting in a large number of IT expenditure management. And compared to the Guangzhou software developed by the wisdom of the office to the advantages of the traditional desktop management is when office desktop configuration will be upgraded without need to eliminate existing equipment, only need to increase the number of servers, and in the management platform to set office desktop can be configured and save the enterprise for the upgrading of equipment caused by the loss.

In addition, the wisdom of the office mode can run in the data center, flexible configuration to provide general PC for users unable to realize, independent set of high-end or low-end smart office desktop configuration support parameters, according to the need. [2]

The implementation of enterprise IT centralized management

It administrators by control center able to unify the management of hundreds of thousands of virtual desktop, all updates and patches only need to update a "image" will be able to complete all, eliminating the need for traditional desktop applications need to repeat the operation on each desktop hard work, in order to achieve centralized management.

Virtual computing infrastructure for intelligent office can help companies in a few minutes can provide desktop delivery. Any available desktop hardware can be for on-demand access to virtual desktops, including the old traditional equipment and staff to their own devices, while ensuring that each employee can from the most demanding enterprise application enjoy HD user experience. Centralized management and online support tools enable enterprises no longer need to deploy it staff in new locations, this can reduce the overhead, the enterprise can get relaxed, fast and flexible development, it will also accelerating the effect to the business.

To improve the security of enterprise data assets

For enterprises, data, intellectual property is their life, such as clients in the banking system, the credit card account, detailed information of users in the insurance system, enterprise software source code, and so on, how to protect the confidential data will not be disclosed is many corporate IT departments are often faced with a challenge. Therefore, they adopted a security measures to ensure that the data are not illegal use, such as prohibiting the use of USB device prohibited outside the use of email and so on. However, the effect of all of these methods are poor.

And the wisdom of the office all data are unified in the server running the client only shows the change of image, don't have to worry about illegal to steal information through the client.

Flexible and convenient mobile office

Through cloud computing technology to achieve mobile office, office staff can be anything at any time and any place to deal with the related business. This new office mode, binding allows the office staff to get rid of the time and space. Using mobile phone information software, mobile phone and computer interoperability of enterprise application software system is established, to get rid of the limitations of time and place, at any time to carry on the company management and communication, can effectively improve the management efficiency, promote the working efficiency of the government and enterprises.

Mobile office flexible wisdom will become a strong driving force for enterprises to gain competitive advantage. Enterprises can with a number of different locations of other employees, more collaborative work, regardless of them in where the high skilled employees, low value tasks transferred to low cost employee to complete, which can not only reduce the cost, but also can improve the efficiency.


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