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With the concept of cloud based, to network as the support, the construction of a basic education of intelligent campus management platform, to build a high quality education resources sharing and application, resource integration as the center, into the field of teaching, learning, management and other work, and ultimately fairness in education, high education quality objectives, to promote the development of the reform of education and teaching.

A core concept, YAVATOP wisdom education is to make full use of the current society's most cutting-edge information technology, established the modern school of multi-level, innovative and open, improve teaching quality and effectiveness. With the new talent, teaching and management theory as a guide, beyond the traditional mode of education, in order to cultivate innovative talents to adapt to the requirements of the information society.

Two, YAVATOP wisdom education is embodied in the following four aspects:

1. In the aspect of teaching, the use of multimedia and network technology to achieve high quality teaching resources, information resources and intellectual resources sharing and dissemination, and encourage a high level of interaction between teachers and students, promote the active, collaborative, research-based learning, thus forming an open, and effective teaching mode, better training students' information literacy and problem solving ability and innovation ability.

. in management, the use of information technology to achieve the automation of information management functions, to achieve between the subordinate departments more rapid and convenient communication, between different functions of data sharing and coordination, improve the scientific and democratic decision-making, synergism of depletion of numbers, the formation of vibrant new management mechanism.

. in terms of the public service system, built to cover all areas of the school teaching, scientific research, management, recruitment of high-speed broadband network environment, to provide for all the teachers and students of the basic network services and software services; to establish electronic identity and authentication system in the campus, so as to high school level teaching and management to provide strong support.

4. In the school community service, adapt to the needs of logistics socialization reform carried out all kinds of network services, including consumer electronics, medical electronics and other, for students and staff provide convenient, efficient, integrated, healthy life and leisure entertainment services, intelligent community service system.

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