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Project Name: Bank of China Handan golden building

Bid time: 2014.10

Project introduction: Bank of Handan Limited by Share Ltd to invest in the construction of the building (refined decoration) Hebei Handan people's Road South, East Willow Street to the East, West and north to Willow Street, Renmin road. To build three 24 storey office complex. Each building has a three storey basement, a four storey podium, a total area of 23871 square meters, with a total construction area of about 170000 square meters.

The scope of the project: the project includes building automation subsystem, subsystem of comprehensive wiring, network equipment sub system, cable TV systems, video surveillance system, ladder control subsystem, five intercom subsystem, anti-theft alarm subsystem, patrol subsystem, wireless intercom subsystem, conference subsystem, access control subsystem, card subsystem, parking system wherever he goes, multimedia information issued subsystem, management subsystem, and construction area of about 170000 square meters.


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