Public security defense

Lanzhou New District

时间:2015-06-28    浏览:1633    Public security defense

Project Name: the Lanzhou comprehensive bonded area

Bid time: 2015.5

Project introduction: Lanzhou area comprehensive bonded zone is located in District of Lanzhou airport east logistics industry group, with a total planning area of 339 square kilometers, the Seine area of about 2.86 square kilometers, the supporting area of approximately 0.53 square kilometers. Good comprehensive bonded zone location, aviation, railway and highway transportation convenience, about 45 kilometers from Lanzhou City, about 2 km away from the Zhongchuan airport, away from the horse railway freight station, about 12 km.

The scope of the project: System: customs supervision assistant management system, data exchange system, area harbor linkage system, a mere linkage system, cross district transfer of information system, in transit monitoring system, intelligent bayonet system and fully protected areas of information hardware system, video monitoring and security system unification, the customs hall, Paihao single system, park management system, the customs hall, integrated wiring system, computer system, park weak electricity system, information pipeline system etc. other relevant supporting system.

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