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City Liyuan

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Project Name: Dongying sunshine 100 City Liyuan intelligent project

Bid time: June 2013

Project Description: the project is located in Dongying City Development Zone, North Road and East Road Cross mouth, positioning for Dongying most international taste and cultural connotations of high-end human community, which sunshine 100 City Lai Yuen second phase four tenders intelligent weak

The scope of the project: building 1#, T9#, T10#, T11#, T12# building, the area of 6.5 million square meters, sunshine 100 City Lai Yuen, the second phase of the fifth section of intelligent weak electricity, the range includes: building of 21#, 22# area 2.1 the million square meters. System includes: system, video intercom system, electronic patrol system, elevator five intercom system of network system, integrated wiring system, network video monitoring system, perimeter protection.

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