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NanJing South Railway Station

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Project Name: the Beijing Shanghai high-speed rail NanJing South Railway Station

Bid time: 2010 June

Project introduction: NanJing South Railway Station is located in Jiangning District of Nanjing City, the construction area of 458 thousand - M. Is divided into five levels: the second floor underground subway station; underground layer of station equipment, metro station hall, the development of commercial layer; a layer of, comprehensive transit area; to second layer platform layer; ground three-tier elevated waiting layer and business layer. A total of 28 platforms, 450m platform. From the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, Shanghai Nanjing Intercity High Speed Rail, huhanrong railway, inter city railway, Hangzhou Intercity Railway five arteries. Is Asia's largest train station. In the main stream, the separation between North and south. To achieve seamless rapid transit, large capacity transportation and city bus, subway. Fully embodies the principle of giving priority to public traffic.

The scope of the project: the Beijing Shanghai high iron hub station Nanjing South Railway Station passenger service information system in the scope of the project: ticketing system, integrated display system, broadcasting system, video monitoring system, the system clock, passenger query system, small pieces of storage system, safety inspection facilities, help system, intrusion alarm system, access control system, network and security management system, power supply and lightning protection system, office automation system, integrated wiring system, parking system (including: parking management system, parking guidance system)


Project Description: the high speed railway, Nanjing South Railway Station covers an area of about 1000 acres, building area of 40 million square meters, the master of the housing construction area of 28.15 million square meters, of which station room covers an area of 80000 square meters, no station pole canopy 10.6 million square meters, master station building size: 456 meters long, 216 meters and a width of 20 meters high, with no station pole canopy is provided with a solar photovoltaic power generation system of nearly 1 00000 square meters. High iron Nanjing South Railway Station is hanging in the air of the elevated train station, platform in position 12 5 meters high from the ground; the platform of high speed railway, Nanjing South Railway Station on the second floor, waiting hall is on the third floor; high speed railway, Nanjing South Railway Station South Square the connected a elevated and on the third floor of the waiting car hall, which is high iron Nanjing South Railway Station to send the station platform, passengers in the car can be directly into the waiting room; and on the ground of "plus or minus zero", respectively, with buses, taxis and social vehicle parking field.

The scale of the Nanjing South Railway Station will be six times the existing Nanjing railway station, then, Nanjing South Railway Station will become Asia's largest railway station.


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